Manufacture of reservoirs and tanks

Reservoirs and tanks hold significant prominence in various sectors, encompassing industry, household, and commercial domains. They serve as essential vessels for storing substantial quantities of liquids. The integrity and durability of these storage solutions are pivotal factors influencing their performance over time. At BP Group, meticulous attention is dedicated to the potential of crafting containers of diverse sizes and operational longevity to cater to distinct needs.

Distinctive Attributes of Metal Containers The fabrication process of tanks commences with the utilization of premium-grade metal blanks. Plasma cutting, known for its high-velocity flow of ionized gas, is employed for precision processing, enhancing efficiency. Rigorous quality checks are conducted at each phase, meticulously assessing the entire product's airtightness and the robustness of resultant welds.

The manufacturing of tanks adheres to client specifications, offering various options, including:

Horizontal tanks, apt for both outdoor and subterranean applications. In the latter scenario, surface treatment is administered to combat rust. Steel tanks serve as repositories for technical fluids, water, or oil-based substances. Vertical cylindrical tanks, characterized by their multifunctional capacity to endure substantial loads and exhibit exceptional durability. For ground-based installation of metal containers, supplementary supports become necessary. These supports' strength and quantity are contingent upon the container's volume and dimensions.